Distance education methods helpful to enhancing cognitive effects

September 13, 2023

Kim Chaek University of Technology has developed and applied a number of distance education methods to improve the quality of the education.

"Our online education faculty has updated distance education curriculums for general basic subjects, special basic subjects and special subjects and the teaching plans of dozens of subjects and developed and introduced practical, comprehensive and up-to-date teaching methods to enable working people to practically use them at production sites," said section chief Kim Jang Hak.

For example, the teaching plan on the subject of survey machine instrument is designed in the style of a lecturer explaining the principles of a surveying instrument, which is often used in the field, while surveying a target in virtual reality, and having a discussion with students.

In addition, more than 10 online education plans including the physics teaching plan combined with basic education and the analytical chemistry combining lecture and experiment have been drawn up in a popular style and therefore they are easy to understand.

Unlike in the past when all students were taught the same subjects in the same online course, the lecturers subdivided the subjects to be taught in the course so that students can choose and study the subjects they regard as necessary in their production activities.

They also worked out an online education plan of hypermedia type and created and applied teaching and learning methods capable of giving interactive lectures, so that working people involved in the online education system can solve sci-tech problems arising in the field by making an immediate use of what they learned.

The teaching method for improving students' conceiving and design abilities and the mode of lecture using the augmented reality technology are also helpful to heightening students' cognitive effects.

Meanwhile, the faculty offers online continuous education to economic officials through the Risang (ideal) website.


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