Education, a matter of common interest

September 5, 2023

In the DPRK education is a matter of nationwide interest.

In recent years alone, the Pyongyang Municipal Power Distribution Station provided various facilities needed for improving the educational conditions and environment of Pyongyang College of Electric Engineering and the Toksong Farm in Anak County pulled down an old school building to build a new one with excellent conditions.

North Hwanghae Province has also organized a significant educational aid exhibition and encouraged the social atmosphere to ensure that the public assistance will help actually solve the knotty problems in education.

From the viewpoint that they are also responsible for education, all institutions, factories, enterprises and farms actively play their part as supporters’ organizations, acquainting themselves with the situation at schools in their charge at all times and timely resolving difficult problems.

There are also people who became parents of an ordinary student.

In February 2022, Jo Kwon Ik was preparing for entrance examination of a university after graduating from Pyongyang Middle School for Orphans. But suddenly he fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.

Kim Un, principal of the school, was told about it and immediately visited the hospital. She said to its medical workers: “I am the mother of Kwon Ik. It is his dream to go to university after graduating from the middle school. Please help him to achieve his dream.”

At the time, the medical workers of the hospital comforted her, saying “Kwon Ik is not only the son of you, principal of the school. We are also his parents. Don't worry. Kwon Ik will sit the university entrance examination."

For him, they drew up the most efficient and fast-recovering treatment plan and hastened his treatment. Thanks to the doctors’ utmost sincerity, Kwon Ik got out of the critical situation and went to the university for entrance exam. And another surprising thing happened in front of the main entrance of the university.

The president and other officials of the university came out there to meet Kwon Ik and took all measures for him to take the exam without a hitch.

After the exam was over and Kwon Ik returned to the hospital, many people called on him with tonics and the patients in the same room and their families prepared special foods and school things for him. When he and Kim Un said thanks to them repeatedly, they answered in unison that they are all Kwon Ik’s parents.

Such impressive stories in the field of education have become a commonplace that can be heard everywhere in the country.

Underlying them are the policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government that pay primary attention to the education of rising generations from the viewpoint that education is a patriotic undertaking for the future of the country and how many excellent talents are trained is an important matter related to the future destiny of the country and nation, and with an attitude that if they fail to do other things, they can be done by the younger generations instead of them, but if the education of them is neglected, the development of the country will be retarded that much.

As it is the strong desire of the Korean people to support education for themselves and to make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education, all the people in the DPRK are taking an active part in the work to improve educational conditions and environment as parents of students.


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