Educational structure updated to give advanced education to students

September 5, 2023

Projects are now well under way to improve the educational structure to give advanced education according to the tasks set forth for the education sector by the Eighth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.     

The improvement of educational structure is a prerequisite for raising the country’s educational level.

Only when the educational structure is updated first, can the content and methods of education be improved accordingly and a decisive turn be brought about in the education of the country in the future.

At present, the education sector has set the improvement of educational structure as an important and primary task and made positive efforts to implement it.

Efforts are directed to improving the structure of primary and secondary education.

The primary and secondary education sectors have paid special attention to developing the educational structure so that students can acquire full general basic knowledge and receive education that suits their natural abilities and aptitudes.

Now, the number of kindergartens which can introduce the education about science, the arts, computer, robot and others was increased to start education in the new school year this year and the curricula in the field of sports and art education were renewed.

Technical senior middle schools (technical classes) have been increased on a full scale to ensure effective education of students in various ways according to the economic and geographical features in the relevant areas and individual characters of students. This year alone, more than 100 technical senior middle schools (technical classes) have been established and run throughout the country.

The old educational programmes are now being modified and supplemented to ensure that students of senior middle schools receive proper education in the fields of literature, science, the arts, sports and technology to suit their aptitudes and individuality.

In the higher education sector educational structure is upgraded to train more competent personnel with practical abilities and extraordinary talents who can play a key role in the development of science and technology and economic growth.

Universities, colleges, faculties and departments are integrated and rearranged to correctly define the types of talents to be trained by them,  scientifically divide and systematize subjects and majors of universities and make effective use of the educational forces and facilities. 

The university postgraduate courses are being revised in such a way that postgraduate students would write and present study papers on the solution of scientific and technical problems arising in practice or on study and analysis of international academic papers while focusing on acquiring the latest scientific and technological knowledge in their majors and developing research and practical abilities properly, and the talent training system in the stage of higher education is being further perfected.

Clear goals have been set to build the promising major universities with solid foundations into research-oriented ones and a project is pushed forward to attain them. And the teaching management structure is also updated, including the replacement of the school year-based educational management system with a complete marks-based one.

The improvement of the university students selection system is also the focus of public interest.

How the university students selection system changes plays an important role in the way of and enthusiasm for study of students.

In the future the system will be further perfected on the principle of ensuring impartiality and objectivity in the assessment of students’ theoretical understanding of what they learned and their creative ability to apply it, while correctly meeting the needs for talented personnel in national economic sectors and regions.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of officials, teachers and researchers in the education sector, our education will develop in such a way that it can be entrusted with the future of the country without cares.

Ri Mun Chol, section chief of the Education Commission

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