Supporter organizations give powerful assistance to education

November 8, 2022

October is the school-supporting month in the DPRK.

With this month as an occasion, supporter organizations throughout the country conducted vigorous activities to help educational institutions.

According to Hong Tae Yong, deputy department director of the Education Commission, ministries, national agencies and industrial establishments sent educational facilities, educational equipment and materials and building materials to universities and colleges.

The Agricultural Commission and ministries of Information Industry, and Railways sent over a dozen kinds of educational facilities and materials to Kim Chaek University of Technology, Sariwon Kye Ung Sang University of Agriculture, Pyongyang University of Transport and so on.

The Kumgang Trading Guidance Bureau, which puts forward educational support as an important affair, prepared materials needed for improving educational environment and conditions and sent them to Chongjin University of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, while the Rason Exchange Company, South Hwanghae Provincial Posts and Telecommunications Management Bureau and other supporter organizations in local areas provided universities and colleges in their provinces with necessary educational equipment.

Every province also encouraged support to spruce up teachers training colleges, pedigree establishments for the training of teachers, into model ones where education is put on a scientific, IT and modern basis.

Officials of the Chongjin Fishery Station for the Supply of Feed for the Central Zoo, which takes the lead in the support for education, provided large quantities of building materials and fund to Kim Jong Suk Teachers Training College on several occasions so that its reconstruction and modernization project could progress at a fast pace.

The Chonnaeri Cement Factory preferentially provides excavator, crane and other heavy machines as well as manpower and building materials for the construction of Wonsan Ri Su Dok Teachers Training College, and the Ryanggang Provincial Public Prosecutors Office sent dozens of educational facilities and a large number of notebooks to Hyesan Teachers Training College.

Meanwhile, schools in the general education sector made successes in the work for improving educational conditions and environment on the occasion of the month.

“The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex built a basic metal practice room with many necessary facilities for Tongsong Technical Senior Middle School in Songnim City so that students can prepare themselves into practical talents through extracurricular practice and puts in great efforts to consolidate the material and technical foundations of technical senior middle schools in the city,” said Kim Won Hui, deputy director of the general education department.

Thanks to the sincere assistance of supporter organizations, many schools have newly been provided with educational facilities and school fixtures and the work to put education on a scientific, IT and modern footing has been pushed ahead to increase the number of multifunctional classrooms. 


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