They are masters of education

November 8, 2022

With activities to aid educational institutions growing intense at the supporters’ organizations throughout the country in October, the school-supporting month, officials of the Pyongyang Foodstuff Complex recently sent to Kim Chol Ju University of Education condiments needed for the dietary life of its boarding students.

“Han Myong Nam, manager of the Pyongyang Foodstuff Complex, is an official who has sincerely helped with education, regarding it as an important part of his work,” said Ju Jong Sil, president of the university, deeply moved by the fact that the complex has invariably provided sincere material and moral support to the education of the university for over ten years. 

It was 16 years ago when the complex became the supporters’ organization of the university.

According to Kim Ryu Nam, deputy chief engineer of the complex, at the time Han Myong Nam volunteered to support the university, calling on all its officials to attach importance to education for the future of the country and help with education.

Though they were busy inquiring about problems arising in foodstuff factories under the complex and production at them, its officials would frequently ask about bottlenecks in the educational work of the university and take measures against them.  

When the university was faced with the task to make education scientific, IT-based and modern several years ago, the complex was the first to provide it with portable computers and other modern educational means and sent a large amount of condiments and confectionary to ensure the dietary life of boarding students with parental affection for them.

Last year, it also prepared and sent to the university facilities needed for the establishment of a new integrated educational information management system there and in March this year it provided equipment and materials needed for sprucing up the university. 

“Officials and employees of our complex including me also have teachers of their school days and alma maters. I did not know well in the days when I was a student, but now I miss the teachers whenever I am confronted with a difficult task. We have only tried to render help to the university, thinking of the teachers who made efforts for us and in the hope that the university will train much more excellent talents,” Han Myong Nam says whenever teachers and students of the university lavish praise on their enthusiastic support.    


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