Mung-bean jelly

January 20, 2023

Mung-bean jelly has long been a favourite national food of the Korean people.

Jelly is divided into buck wheat jelly, mung-bean jelly, maize jelly and acorn-starch jelly according to materials and mung-bean jelly is distinctive among them.

It is regarded as the best of similar foods as a cooled dish made of boiled starch from milled mung beans. The one made from yellow mung bean was called yellow mung-bean jelly and the one made from green mung bean green mung-bean jelly. 

People used the jelly to make various foods such as jelly salad or cold soup by mixing it with different kinds of subsidiary materials.

According to the old book Tongguksesigi, roast minced beef, seasoned parsley and laver mixed with sliced mung-bean jelly and seasoned with soy sauce mixed with vinegar were called Thangphyongchae.

Mung-bean jelly is transparent and greenish with mellow flavour.

People like it as it is easy to make, smooth and original in taste and digests well.

The jelly can be eaten raw in sauce or mixed with subsidiary materials to be eaten as salad.

As it is as good as medicine acting as diuretic, febrifuge and detoxicant, the food is being developed as a favourite dish of all Koreans. 


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