Glutinous maize cake, local specialty

October 26, 2022

Ttok (rice cake), one of distinctive Korean foods, is diverse in kind.

Glutinous maize cake is one of the special dishes that have been handed down in North Phyongan Province situated in the northwestern part of Korea.

It was served at holiday or wedding feasts in the Uiju and Pyoktong areas of North Phyongan Province where polished rice was precious. Sesame oil was applied to the glutinous maize cake served on holidays and in wedding ceremonies and rice-cake patterns were pressed into them to make them look better.

Glutinous maize is similar to usual maize in appearance, but it is universal that the grain is milk-white and its husk has no gloss. Its starch content is 2 to 3 percent less than that of usual maize, but it is highly nutritious. Its protein content is 0.5 to 1 percent more than that of usual maize. In particular, it is rich in fat and water-soluble sugar. Its starch is mostly composed of amylopectin.

Glutinous maize cake is made by kneading glutinous maize flour and a little of polished rice flour with hot water and then steaming the dough in a pot before pounding it on a pounding board. It is sticky like glutinous rice cake and tasty.


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