Harmonious garnishes, impressive brass vessel

July 21, 2022

Harmonious garnishes, impressive brass vessel

Pyongyang cold noodles are like a work of art in which different elements are combined in beautiful harmony.

Especially, the garnishing and brass vessel are pleasing to the eyes and build up appetites.

Pyongyang cold noodles are generally garnished with meat, pear, cucumber, boiled egg and kimchi.

Beef and pork are boiled and hashed in the shape of willow leaf and chicken is ripped.

Pear and cucumber are sliced in the shape of oval willow leaf and eggs are cut in half.

A coil of noodles is put on a brass vessel which is as clear as a mirror and garnished with kimchi and processed chicken, beef, pork, cucumber, pear and boiled egg one by one, before meat stock is poured over it.

Adding some pine nut seeds makes it look better. Sometimes, powdered red pepper is served in other container for those who like it.

Brass vessels have been widely used in the dietary life of Koreans. As the colour of brass vessel changes when poisonous or less fresh food is put in it, it is helpful in assuring the safety of food.

Pyongyang cold noodles peculiar to the Korean nation is special because of the harmony of all elements from the thickness and tenacity of noodles to the taste and colour of meat stock, the variety and positioning of garnishes and the utensils.


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