Chewy strips, savoury meat stock

July 21, 2022

Chewy strips, savoury meat stock

Pyongyang cold noodles are popular because of the strips and meat stock, said Kim Phyong Ok, head chef of the Chongnyu Restaurant. “No one can help being attracted to the smooth and chewy strips and refreshing and savoury meat stock.”

According to her, the main ingredient of Pyongyang cold noodles is buckwheat flour which makes noodle coils have a special fragrance and a delicate taste.

In order to ensure proper tenacity, flexibility and smoothness of noodles, buckwheat and potato starch are mixed at a certain ratio and buckwheat is pulverized just before it is used.

Kim was kind enough to explain the trick of promoting the colour of noodles, which is to parch pulverized buckwheat chaff and put it in the dough.

Noodles are parboiled in slightly boiling water as soon as they are pressed out and then put in cold water before water is drained off from them. Then they become chewy and savoury.

Kim said that this kind of cooking method cannot be found in the processing of other cereals.

According to chef Jong Tong Nam, meat stock of Pyongyang cold noodles is made by mixing the water used in boiling beef, pork and chicken and watery radish kimchi. Meat stock made in this way is clear and beige in colour. It does not have any unpleasant smell or impure taste and contains many nutritive elements.

The secret recipe of meat stock reflecting the creative wisdom of Korean ancestors is still drawing attention from many experts.


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