Phungsan dog show held in Ryanggang

December 15, 2022

A Phungsan dog show was held on December 13 in Kim Hyong Gwon County, Ryanggang Province, the home of the national dog.

Hosted by the provincial committee of the federation of science and technology, the event was aimed at registering and investigating and evaluating the breeds of Phungsan dogs selected in the province and increasing the number of purebred Phungsan dogs by diffusing sci-tech knowledge about its standard shape and biological characteristics.

It was attended by Kim Phyong Hyon, chairman of the Ryanggang Provincial People’s Committee, officials of veterinary and animal husbandry and national heritage protection sectors, people who breed Phungsan dogs and other working people.

Hundreds of the dogs were exhibited at the show in which rankings were decided according to the results of preliminary, main, expert, general and final judgments.

The dogs raised by residents of Kim Hyong Gwon, Phungso and Kapsan counties were highly appreciated.

Certificates of exhibition and prizes were awarded at the show.


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