Many offer night assistance to housing construction project in Hwasong area

July 6, 2023

The second-stage construction site of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area of Pyongyang is crowded with people offering night assistance to the project.

“Many working people come to the housing construction site every day to take part in the night assistance shock brigade activity after a day’s work. Their assistance has helped hasten the project and enliven the construction site,” said Pak Jong Chol, panel head of the headquarters for the construction of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang.

Even housewives and OAPs frequent the construction site to help builders with their work with all sincerity seeking no appreciation or reward, he added.

According to data put together in early May, hundreds of thousands of working people took part in the night assistance shock brigade activity at the construction site.

“Many of the working people helping with the construction project after a day’s work are those who have never spent a day without taking part in the night assistance shock brigade activity since the construction of 10 000 flats in the Songsin and Songhwa area,” said Choe Hyon Ju, staffer of the aforesaid headquarters.

Many others volunteer to do difficult things and make unknown efforts to prepare for the work of the next day after finishing their tasks or do good deeds for the builders while physically helping them with their work. 

Among them are those who have taken care of graduates from Pyongyang Middle School for Orphans, bringing them daily necessities and preparing birthday spreads for them after they joined the High-Speed Youth Shock Brigade or those who secured tools necessary for the project and gave them to the builders.

Jong Kyong Sik, an instructor of the Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace, said, “I volunteered for the night assistance shock brigade activity as I wanted to devote even a bit of my energy to the construction of the new splendid street now under way thanks to the measure taken by the Party and the state for the happiness of the people.”

He becomes tired working in the construction site until late at night every day but he takes pride and pleasure in it, he added.

Women’s union members in the capital city are also active in offering night assistance at the construction site.

They boost the morale of the builders working with them, conducting motivational activities and giving them aid materials.

Volunteers who offer the builders haircut, shoe repair and other welfare services in temporary buildings are on the increase as the days go by.


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