Resolutions of descendants of meritorious persons

September 22, 2023

The present generation keeps carrying forward the spirit of the preceding generations who made their life honourable with loyalty and patriotism for the prosperity and development of the country.

They all have one intention to add lustre to their life with patriotic devotion just like their parents who were pacesetters, heroes and labour innovators in the Chollima era.

As befitting the descendants of Chollima riders

"People congratulate me on the success of having contrived an installation jig in the course of processing parts of major custom-built equipment and carried out the plan more than a week earlier. I could achieve the success as I tried hard to work like my father, a Merited Machine Builder and Chollima rider. There were also times when I succumbed to difficulties and felt enervated. Then I would ask myself if I was working like my father who left a clear mark in the period of the great Chollima upsurge. I gained great strength and courage from the image of my father who beamed happily after making a breakthrough in implementing the Party's decision by shortening the period of processing parts of a large machine tool from three months to one. Burning our hearts with their fighting spirit and traits, we came up with technical innovations and original plans of significance in accelerating the production of custom-built equipment through a collective innovation drive and became labour innovators. It is our resolution to contribute to the prosperity and development of the country by making younger generations, not just our generation, follow the road of loyalty and patriotism that our father’s generation covered all their lives."

Paek Yong Chol, leader of the general mechanized workteam of the Ryongsong Machine Complex

To leave a mark in the era

"I have many nights I will never forget all my life. Especially, I will always remember the joy and emotion of the night of July 27 when we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War in the presence of General Secretary Kim Jong Un on the platform of Kim Il Sung Square.

 “I never dreamed that I would be blessed by the respected General Secretary alongside the victors of the 1950s as I have never shed a drop of blood for our country. My grandfather was awarded the title of hero by making remarkable innovations in different construction projects including the Moranbong Theatre with a resolve to rebuild Pyongyang, which the US imperialists destroyed and claimed to be unable to rise up even in a hundred years. The Workers’ Party valued his feats and called me to the important event of glory. Among the children of patriotic martyrs who took part in the recent celebrations were many patriots and meritorious persons who are leaving marks of fulfilling life like their grandparents and parents, who had been Chollima riders and heroes. Through them I keenly realized that we can honourably be called the descendants of heroes only when we leave a mark of genuine life by invariably carrying forward the soul and spirit of the preceding generations.

“I will devote my wisdom and passion to making the capital city of Pyongyang more beautiful and better as my hero grandfather did."

Choe Yong Bok, staffer of the Ryugyong Construction Company under the Chongnyu Construction Management Bureau of the Pyongyang Construction Commission

To be honourable before the country with my own feats

“My mother is Heroine Kil Hwak Sil, widely known as a pacesetter in the Chollima era.

“On the day I had the honour of being admitted to the Workers’ Party, she told me to support the Party in deeds, not in words. She held up the Party in practice in her girlhood. As an ordinary silk reeler, she grew up to be a labour innovator and heroine and trained many innovators, while keeping her heartbeat with the pulse of the stirring era of grand socialist construction.

“Now is the turn of our generation. It is the mission of the descendants of heroes to add lustre to the socialist country and make it prosperous by emulating the outlook on life of patriotic devotion held by my parents and other preceding generations.

“I will be honourable before the country with my own feats, not those of my parents."

Han Jong Gum, workshop manageress of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill


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