Park in its summer finery a sight to behold

August 12, 2023

As foliage gets thicker this summer, the Mansudae Fountain-Flower Park in the heart of Pyongyang unfolds a spectacular scene.

According to its official, in the park covering an area of nearly 40 000 square metres there grow more than 20 species of flowering shrubs and trees like rose, peony, red plum tree and Rhododendron yedoense and over 600 bushes and trees in some 30 good species including pine-nut tree and juniper.

In the area of round fountain in the centre of the park, fountains in various shapes such as the train of a peacock, candlelight and fan send up streams of water centring on the main fountain. 

At night, lamps of different colours installed in the fountain pools enhance with their colourful lights the elegance and splendour of the fountains dancing to lilting tunes.

On the flower beds in different shapes around the fountain area, various flowers in full bloom including vincristine, French marigold and salvia send forth sweet fragrance and a small artificial hill built with distinctively trimmed rocks add natural beauty to the park.

In the park there are also eight round flower towers, each being about 3 metres in height and diameter, and on the towers arranged formative artistically flowering plants in different colours producing beautiful flowers competitively.

Thanks to the painstaking efforts of the employees of the park to create lovely and dis-tinctive scenery, beautiful flowers are in bloom on flower beds and flowerpot stands and such plants as juniper and golden-leaf pagoda tree are trimmed in such shapes as of cone, umbrella and ball to ensure the park always retains freshness and originality.

People fully relax at the glass-roofed resting place and the resting place covered with vines to give natural shade and by the flower-decorated swing.

In the evening especially, those who are on their way home after a day’s work cool themselves in the park bright with decorative lights in different colours and shapes, bathing themselves in the fountain sprays carried by the fresh breeze.


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