Three photos passed down as family heirlooms

October 24, 2022

The Korean people regard photos taken with their leader as the most precious heirlooms in their families.

The family of Kwon Sung Hyok living in Mirae-dong, Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, has such treasures.

Kwon, who is an official of Pyongyang University of Computer Technology, had a photo taken with General Secretary Kim Jong Un at a factory on July 29 2016.

That day, Kwon explained to the General Secretary, on an inspection tour of the factory, about the integrated manufacturing system established at the factory by lecturers and researchers of the university and thanked him, saying that he received a new flat on Mirae Scientists Street for free.

Saying earnestly that he wanted to even pluck a star from the sky for the scientists who were making contributions to the building of a powerful socialist country with science and technology, the General Secretary had a photo taken with lecturers and researchers, including Kwon, who were mobilized for the modernization of the factory.

Kwon’s wife, Choe Won Hui, is a worker of the Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory. Fortunately, she also had a photo taken with the General Secretary in her workplace in January 2018.

“I want to have another photo taken with him after my workplace is turned into a model factory in the sector of the pharmaceutical industry,” she said.

Kwon’s son, Kwon Rin, had a photo taken with the General Secretary in celebration of the 66th founding anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union in June 2012 when he was a student of a junior middle school.

Later, he entered a university and had the honour of receiving Kim Il Sung scholarship and winning Scientific Search Prize for Students.

Proud of their rare fortune, Kwon’s family members are striving to do more good things for the country and people.


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