Holding medical science and technology as dynamic of improved public healthcare

February 11, 2023

The Workers’ Party of Korea gives top priority to improving and strengthening public health service.

It is necessary to hold medical science and technology as the dynamic in consolidating material and technical foundations of the public health sector and improving medical service.

In recent years we have made a series of achievements in the sector of medical scientific research.

Research projects have been undertaken in earnest to domestically produce raw materials for officinal medicines and notable success has also been achieved in developing new Koryo medicines needed for the treatment of communicable diseases. 

Research has been intensified into diseases of high morbidity and mortality and dynamic efforts been made to research and develop highly effective medicines and medical appliances which suit the constitution of the Korean people. 

We are pressing ahead with projects to open up new medical sci-tech fields urgently required in the practice of health service, put Koryo medicine on a scientific basis and introduce advanced medical science and technology.

Given the worsening world health crisis, big efforts are directed into scientifically and technologically supporting the consolidation of anti-epidemic foundations for safely controlling and managing the country’s anti-epidemic situation even in the face of outbreak and spread of any infectious diseases.

Medical workers are working hard to present sci-tech findings contributing to treatment.

Success in every affair depends on the determination and efforts of those in charge.  

When medical scientists and all others in the public health sector exert themselves with extraordinary enthusiasm, the country’s medical science and technology will make rapid progress.

Ri Kyong Sim, department director of the Ministry of Public Health

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