Juche and national characters preserved in linguistic life

February 3, 2023

Language occupies quite an important position in social progress.

It can be said that people’s thoughts and feelings, their cultural and moral standards and the level of civilization of countries are directly represented by language.

What requires primary attention in linguistic life is to establish Juche.

To establish Juche in linguistic life is to make positive use of spoken and written language of your nation and to speak and write in keeping with the aspirations, demands, thoughts, feelings and sentiments of the masses of the people.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that establishing Juche in linguistic life is directly linked with the matter of bringing the national identity into full play in using spoken and written language and that when Juche is established in linguistic life to encourage the positive use of the native spoken and written language, it will help preserve the national identity of the Korean people and build up their national pride and self-respect.

Our people make the most of their national language blessed with rich vocabulary and expressions and in that course thoroughly establish Juche in all domains of social life.

Beautiful and sound linguistic life is a benchmark for civilization.

The Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government attach great importance to the active use of standard Korean, which is associated with the long history and good qualities of the nation, in stepping up the building of socialist civilization.

Our standard language is Pyongyang dialect.

The cultured language of Pyongyang is a modernly refined language which incorporates the unique features and good qualities of the Korean language with the popular and revolutionary style of writing as the model.

At the recent Eighth Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, the law on the protection of cultured language of Pyongyang was adopted.

The Korean people are now speeding up the building of socialist civilization with a full awareness that to make positive use of the cultured language of Pyongyang is just to defend the spirit of the nation and their ideology, culture and system.

Ri Tong Gwan, department chief at Kim Hyong Jik University of Education

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