First teachers, political guardians of KCU members

January 31, 2023

On New Year's Day the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un had a photo session with the delegates of the Korean Children's Union to its Ninth Congress and sent them generous gifts.

The looks of the KCU members having a photograph taken in his embrace that day just showed the bright, rosy future of our country. 

In his letter sent to the Ninth Congress of the KCU, the respected Marshal said that before the people and above the people whom the Workers’ Party of Korea believes in as in heaven there stand our children and that the top-priority policy of the Party and state is always the one for the younger generation and it will be an invariable policy of the WPK and eternal policy of the state.

He also said that all KCU members should love the Party ardently, follow it to the end and fully prepare themselves to be dependable successors and reserves for communism, who can carry forward the baton of the Korean revolution. This teaching engraved on the minds of KCU instructors once again their mission and duty as the first teachers and political guardians of KCU members.

The looks of a young revolutionary and patriot are reflected first on his top honour records of school performance.

We, KCU instructors, should organize each extracurricular activity in such a way as to help students consolidate what they learned in lessons into working knowledge and lead and spur them to take interest in study.    

Making KCU members have good characters is no less important than boosting their academic performance. 

Those, who lack morality and are poor in manners, are forsaken by others even if they are talented.

The Box Telling Beautiful Minds, which KCU members are using widely, is demonstrating its great vitality in making them aware from childhood that devoting themselves to others is the most beautiful deed in life.  

Even though what we do is inconspicuous at present, it is directly linked to the destiny of the revolution and the future of the country. 

With a deep sense of responsibility for such work, I will devote all my passion to training KCU members of our school as successors to the revolution and pillars of the country who nurture love for the country from childhood, well aware of the preciousness of their organization and collective. 

Kang Chong Mi, KCU instructor at Taedonggang Primary School in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang

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