Iron-willed, brilliant commander ushers in golden age of buildup of revolutionary armed forces

July 24, 2023

The Korean People's Army, which was born more than 70 years ago, defeated the arrogant US imperialists in the Fatherland Liberation War to set off fireworks of victory, flying the flag of the DPRK.

From then on, the KPA developed into an invincible army under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Today the KPA is in its heyday as powerful revolutionary armed forces under the guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has developed the KPA into the strongest revolutionary army.

He clarified it as the general task of army building to model the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and attached primary importance to developing in depth the great leaders' ideas of army building and their exploits performed in army building in a comprehensive way so as to develop the KPA into an invincible army which always emerges victorious by dint of ideology, spirit and morality.

Whenever he visited KPA units, he made sure that they constantly added lustre to the outstanding military ideas of the great leaders and their exploits performed in army building and that all KPA officers and men were firmly armed with the history and tradition of the great victory in the war.

He organized the Fifth Conference of Company Commanders and Political Instructors of the KPA and other conferences of the whole army to make them significant milestones in further strengthening the might of the revolutionary armed forces.

He did not hesitate to make any long and difficult journey and readily climbed a dangerous front-line height in order to develop the KPA into the strongest revolutionary army.

He resolutely sailed through the rough seas to go to see soldiers, saying that as there are soldiers, there is the supreme commander. During his inspection of the post of Kkachil Peak on the front line, he implanted into soldiers there firmer confidence in sure victory, saying that behind them there is the way to their hometowns and their beloved parents and brothers and sisters live there.

In combat training grounds and trenches clouded with powder smoke, he taught service personnel about the mission and duty of armed soldiers and value of their life and the meaning of feats, saying that a soldier who is good at combat in wartime is a hero but the one who is good at training in peacetime is a hero and patriot. He also set units and subunits unexpected situations at any time to acquaint himself with their preparedness for actual war, making sure that soldiers spent every day of their military service doing training.

He put it forward as the most important state affair to bolster up the defence capability to defend the destiny of the country and people.

Setting the definite military edge of the state as an essential requirement of the developing revolution to cope with the daily-escalating moves of the imperialists toward a war of aggression, he successfully provided the absolute weapons for the Korean revolution one by one.

Under his energetic guidance, powerful strategic and tactical weapons with high precision and intelligence were born in a short span of time, along with continuous successful test fires, on the untrodden path of developing Juche-oriented weapons. Thus Juche missiles flew high in the sky, creating spectacular vapour trails, by staking the destiny of the country and people.

The DPRK’s defence capability reached a higher stage of development after the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The Defence Development Exhibition Self-Defence 2021 held in October 2021 fully demonstrated the prestige of the state which fulfilled the long-cherished desire of the nation's history spanning 5 000 years by displaying its tremendous defence capability, the greatest ever since its foundation.

At the military parade in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, he said that in the present world where different forces collide fiercely with one another, a nation's dignity and sovereignty and reliable genuine peace are guaranteed by powerful defence capability that can overpower any enemy and that we should continuously grow stronger.

The military parade held in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the KPA last February marked an occasion in demonstrating again the might of the DPRK which radically emerged as an invincible superpower.

A world power with strong national power—this is the status of the DPRK today.


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