‘Great spirit of the victorious wartime generation will successfully be carried on’

July 22, 2023

The noble title of victorious wartime generation is etched in the mind of our new generation as symbol of true patriots who only worked for the country without thinking of themselves.

The generation defended the territory of the country at the cost of their blood and honourably safeguarded its dignity and sovereignty in the flames of the war. They willingly took upon themselves the huge tasks to heal the war wounds and restore the country and created everything from scratch taking ten or a hundred strides when others did one and thus demonstrated the mettle of the Koreans to the US imperialists who had boasted that Korea would be unable to rise again in a hundred years. 

The ardent love for their country of the generation, their confidence in their own strength and the indomitable fighting spirit with which they vigorously advanced braving difficulties were the source of strength which enabled the country to rise as heroic Korea, the land of Chollima, in the world.

The brilliant life of the generation, who devotedly supported the Party and the revolution while working for the prosperity of the country out of a sense of patriotism, is engraved in golden letters in the development course of the DPRK and still inspires all of us to bring about greater miracles and victory.

Succession to the revolution is that to ideology and spirit.

Only when the fighting spirit displayed by the victorious wartime generation is creditably carried on can the revolution steadily advance.

It is us young people of a new generation who should firmly inherit the heroic spirit of the victorious wartime generation and ensure the eternal victory of the country. 

Our Party and government always give top priority to preparing millions of youths as passionate revolutionaries and patriotic fighters resolutely carrying on the spiritual baton bequeathed by participants in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Now our young people are carrying forward the great and excellent features of the victorious wartime generation who won the fierce war at the cost of their lives for beloved posterity and glorify their times at the cost of their blood and sweat. 

Like the war veterans who showed how to be brave and how to defend the national flag in battles, many young people passionately dedicate themselves to national defence regarding it as the most sacred civic duty and perform miracles and feats by displaying youthful vigour and popular heroism while helping and leading one another forward in the sites of socialist construction.

Our young people will glorify their times as another new heroic era in the great spirit displayed by the victorious wartime generation.


Kim Chol Ryong, department director of the Central Committee of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League

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