Party plenum advances practical tasks for attaining goals for this year

July 14, 2023

The Eighth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held last June reviewed the work conducted in the first half of the year, and indicated a scientific course and put forward definite action plans for assuredly advancing socialist construction.

The DPRK achieved a great deal of success in economic construction despite trials and hardships in the first half of this year.

The goal for irrigation construction for this year has mainly been attained, the flames of the socialist patriotic movement for increasing coal production which were kindled in the South Phyongan provincial coalfield are spreading to all other sectors and units across the country, metallurgical and chemical industries are advancing in the van while exceeding their highly-set targets and the construction sector has continued to build structures bringing joy and confidence to the people.

The success has greatly encouraged the Korean people who are determined to make this year a year of long stride for the development of the national economy and inspired them to a greater victory.

The Workers’ Party of Korea convened the plenum in order to put spurs to completing the projects for the readjustment and reinforcement, and updating and modernization that are being pushed at key industrial and other sectors, thereby making significant successes of completion for consolidating the backbone of the self-supporting economy one after another in the second half of the year.

To this end, the meeting had an in-depth discussion of the tasks and ways for attaining goals for this year, including urgent and realistic tasks for achieving the sustainable and long-term development of agriculture, the issue for key industry sectors to lead others to bring about a new upsurge in the overall economy and the matter for the construction sector to carry out projects as planned, before taking substantial measures.

What is important in spurring the attainment of goals for this year is to build up domestic forces, internal motive power. Only then can the country firmly defend its interests and security environment and raise the overall development of socialism onto a new higher stage by its own efforts.

At present, all sectors and units are out to provide a decisive guarantee for implementing the five-year plan without fail this year by consolidating the already-reached growth line and attaining goals definitely as planned and intended by the Party.

They press ahead with current production and readjustment and reinforcement by identifying and tapping all reserves, possibilities and potentials so as to fully ensure the sustainable and stable development of their units and the state.

Related sectors and units promote solidarity and joint action among them and help and lead one another forward, while positively sharing and transferring success and experience. Agricultural, land development and other sectors much affected by natural climate are taking measures with foresight to cope with calamitous abnormal weather.

In particular, top priority is given to talents and scientific and technological development, with the awareness that science and technology are the key to keeping up the spirit of new innovation, bold creation and steady advance and making dynamic progress.

All the sectors and units will demonstrate once again the valiant spirit and might of Korea by focussing on the attainment of this year’s goals and surely achieving good results.


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