Farm villages benefit from good species of trees

March 25, 2023

At present, when the new era of rural development has been ushered in, fairyland villages have been built and fruit trees have been planted in rural communities, adding beauty to the countryside.

President Kim Il Sung stressed the need to conduct the movement of planting fruit trees at all houses a long time ago and illuminated ways one by one to this end.

Chairman Kim Jong Il emphasized the need to plant fruit trees when modern rural dwelling houses were newly built. He was very pleased to see that fruit trees were planted around houses.

The President and the Chairman visited our farm villages on well over a hundred occasions. Over 10-15 fruit trees have been planted at each house on an average to benefit residents greatly.

It is not confined to our farm.

Undong-ri in Hamju County, known as an apricot village, grows over 13 apricot trees at each house on average and many families have planted dozens of apricot trees.

And there are rural villages everywhere benefitting from planting many trees, including Chonsam-ri in Anbyon County known as the village of persimmon trees.

Planting fruit trees and other kinds of trees at each house adds scenic beauty to villages and helps protect environment and enrich farmers’ life.

When fruit and other good species of trees are planted there in great numbers, flower fragrance will emit in spring, the shadow of trees will be produced in summer and a variety of fruits will hang in clusters and add beauty to villages in autumn.

In the course of planting and cultivating trees, in particular, people cultivate ardent love for their native land and patriotism.

Fruit and good species of trees should be planted in great numbers in consideration of topographical features and soil conditions at suitable places, where landscaping of villages can be promoted.

Caution should be exercised lest trees should cast shadow on houses or be fallen down by storm to cause damage to them.

It is good to plant different ground-covering plants not to leave any uncovered ground and to prevent dust from rising.

According to long-term demands, preparations for tree saplings with great ornamental value should be followed.

We need to build a tree nursery for growing ornamental trees and produce trees with great ornamental value over ten years ahead.

It is useful to plant zelkova trees around rural dwellings. The trees are good to see, grow rapidly and are not infected with insects.

The appearance of the socialist countryside will remarkably improve, when everybody turns out in planting fruit and other trees of good species in rural villages.

Yun Chun Hwa, manageress of the Chongsan Farm in Kangso District, Nampho

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