Secondary general education needs to focus on technical education

March 4, 2023

Nowadays processes equipped with modern facilities are increasingly added to production units, creating growing demand for technicians and skilled workers.

Therefore, it has become a qualification badly needed for all members of society to skilfully handle modern information and technical means which are indispensable to not only production units but also office work and family life.

To satisfy this demand the secondary education sector has set a goal to increase the number of students who receive technical education this year by teaching more basic technical subjects and opening more technical senior middle schools and technical classes.

Technical classes are mainly designed to give students education in literature, natural science, the arts and technical knowledge according to their individual characters so that they can acquire more than one technical skills.

And in the vocational technical education students are encouraged to select technical classes that suit their individual characters.

The purpose of technical education is to help students acquire at least one technical skill at school so that they can take an active part in technical innovation drive as they find jobs after school graduation and accelerate the country’s economic growth that much faster.

Now we concentrate efforts on opening many technical classes across the country and providing students with vocational training for production and construction to suit the regional characters and their aptitudes and individualities.

To this end, a programme has been undertaken to change the educational structure and provide full conditions for experiments and practical training.


Sok Kyong Hwa, senior school inspector of the Education Commission

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