‘We will make sure that the socialist public health system actually benefits people’

February 23, 2023

In the DPRK public health service is not merely a medical service but an undertaking to ensure that people actually benefit from the advantages of the socialist public health system. 

The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea stressed the need to further enhance the socialist popular health policy so that all people can enjoy practical benefits and protection of the most advantageous socialist heath system irrespective of unfavourable conditions. 

Pharmaceutical and medical appliance factories are now concentrating all efforts on stably supplying enough medicines and medical appliances to preventive and curative institutions.

Practical measures are positively taken to increase officinal medicines and Koryo medicines by ensuring the supply of raw and other materials and medicinal herbs for the production of medicines and to step up the renovation and modernization of pharmaceutical, medical appliances and medical supplies factories.

The work is intensified to increase the production of medical appliances in a planned way and preparations are made for the construction and operation of major projects in the sector of public health including the construction of the Kangwon Provincial General Hospital. 

The role of medical workers is important in making people benefit better from the socialist health system.  

We inspire all medical workers to fully display the spirit of selfless devotion in medical service activities for the promotion of the people’s health with high abilities and warm affection for them. 

In particular, we make sure that household doctors enhance their role to take thorough measures to prevent various kinds of diseases. 

In addition, we see to it that preventive and curative institutions at all levels introduce advanced diagnosis and treatment methods and further perfect the telemedicine system in keeping with the trend in the development of modern medicine so as to ensure the quality of medical services at a high level. 


Han Yun Song, department director of the Ministry of Public Health

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