Nation opens a new phase of prosperity by itself

February 16, 2023

On the basis of analysis and review of the experience accumulated and lessons drawn from the struggle of last year, the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea adopted and defined the direction of advance and the main link of the whole chain for a new leap forward of the Party and state to meet the prevailing situation and specific reality of the country.

The plenary meeting is of great significance in that it injected fresh courage and vigour to the indomitable fighting spirit of the Korean people and opened up a broad avenue for bringing about new changes and development for national prosperity.

Obstacles still stand in the way of advance for this year to open up the new phase of upsurge in socialist construction and the country may face a harsher national crisis.

However, we are sure to win victory in our struggle and the victorious advance of Korean-style socialism is a science.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un wisely leads us.

His far-sighted wisdom, scientific ideology and theory and timely counterstrategy are the source of great encouragement to the Korean people to perform miracles and bring a great victory in any upheavals.

Seeing the innovative entities born in succession even in the severe national crisis, the Korean people sympathize with the truthfulness and vitality of the Party policies, feel confident about the future and redouble their efforts. On the strength of this irresistible force, the DPRK is rising to a higher position in the face of enormous difficulties.

The new year 2023 is a year of key importance in implementing the five-year plan put forward at the Eighth Congress of the WPK and a meaningful year that marks the 70th anniversary of victory in the Fatherland Liberation War and the 75th anniversary of the DPRK.

This year, the Korean people will turn out and make all-out efforts for national rejuvenation and development by redoubling the fighting spirit displayed last year.

The key industry sectors of the national economy will make the most and effective use of their existing foundations and potentials in a rational way to correctly implement the production plans for major economic indexes as scheduled.

It is necessary to dynamically push ahead with the large-scale construction in Pyongyang and the building of farmhouses.

It is an important policy task which the Party attaches most importance to and is pushing forward with much effort to bring about a substantial change in the people's living. 

The agricultural sector should attain the cereal production goal of this year set forth by the Party without fail, keeping in mind that life or death of the country and national rejuvenation hinge on solving the food problem of the people. 

Light industry, local industry, public service, fishery, urban management and other sectors directly related to the people's living should find realistic and rational work systems and methods and carry out the policies of the Party and state in a planned manner so that they can reach the people correctly.

Science and technology play a locomotive role in developing the national economy and improving the living standards of the people.

Only when top priority is given to the development of science and technology of the country, can it smoothly carry out the immediate tasks and attain the important long-term goals and continuously increase the material and economic potentials of the country irrespective of the objective environment.

Senior officials of provinces, cities and counties should work out development plans to suit the local conditions and characters and fully implement them.

It is important to demonstrate the advantages and might of the Korean-style socialist system to the full by further displaying the spirit of collectivism and patriotic deeds in difficult times.

All the Korean people will open up a new phase for prosperity by their own efforts on the strength of single-hearted unity this year, too, by following the road of advance and rapid progress indicated by the Party Central Committee.

Kim Kyong Il, PhD, associate professor and researcher of the Academy of Social Sciences

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