'We’ll contribute to development of independent economy and improvement of people’s living standards with practical successes'

January 14, 2023

The enlarged meeting of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea defined the year 2023 as a year of making a big stride in the development of the national economy, a year of attaining key goals in increasing production, carrying out the strategy of readjustment and reinforcement and improving the people's living standard, and set it as the main task of economic work to mainly complete the plan for readjustment and reinforcement decided by the Eighth Party Congress while pepping up production in all sectors and units.

Last year, the chemical industry sector achieved successes in the revitalization of production and readjustment and reinforcement. 

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex built and inaugurated a large-scale sodium carbonate production process. Thus it put on an industrial basis the production of sodium carbonate with glauberite as a starting material and made a breakthrough in increasing the rate of self-sufficiency in basic chemical products and making the economy and the people’s livelihood practically benefit from the chemical industry.

A construction project started to supply nutritive solution fertilizer to vegetable greenhouse farms.

And the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, February 8 Vinalon Complex and other factories and enterprises of the chemical industry sector pushed ahead with the maintenance of production processes and renovation of them into the power-, labour- and resource-saving and environment-friendly ones in a planned way.

Now, officials and workers of the chemical industry sector are full of enthusiasm to thoroughly implement the decision of the plenary meeting. 

We will further inspire the zeal of producers to put the fertilizer production on a regular basis, thus supplying enough fertilizer needed for this year’s farming.

We will finish the first serial project of the methanol production process for the establishment of the C1 chemical industry, complete the construction of the nutritive solution fertilizer factory and put great efforts into strengthening our own technical force to ensure the normalization of production at chemical factories, while pressing on with the project for establishing a new sectoral structure of the chemical industry.

 Thus we will make a positive contribution to developing the independent economy of the country and improving the people’s living standards with practical successes in the development of the chemical industry.

Sim Jong Min, department director of the Ministry of Chemical Industry

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