Efforts go into training talented scientists, technicians

November 6, 2022

Today, our country attaches great importance to science and technology in its development.

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea stressed the need to concentrate national efforts on rapidly developing science by holding science and technology as the lifeline of economic development.

Strong scientific and technical forces are the precious asset and wealth to guarantee long-term and development-oriented success.

In February last year, General Secretary Kim Jong Un pointed to the need to do properly the work to train scientific and technical forces and said that we should train such forces to guarantee the future into 50 and 100 years.

Education is very important in training talented scientists and technicians.

As only a tree with healthy roots bears good fruit, only good secondary general education which gives basic knowledge to students makes it possible to train more scientific and technical talents.

As required by the advance of the time and development of science and technology, efforts are channelled into inventing and perfecting an educational system to give enough general secondary knowledge to students.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s work Let Us Glorify Ours as the Country of Education and a Power of Talents by Bringing about a Revolution in Education in the New Century is the guideline.

At present, our education has greeted a new heyday of its development.

With the point of view that the revolution in education in the new century is the one among teachers, the work for improving their qualifications is pushed ahead, that for updating educational contents and methods to meet the requirements of the developing times and reality is widely underway and the whole country provides excellent educational environment and conditions to students, as their parents should do.

With the study-while-you-work system in full operation, a new era of making all people well versed in science and technology is being ushered in in the country.

National efforts will be redoubled to bring earlier the prosperity of the country by training more competent scientific and technical talents of the new generation and making all people well versed in science and technology.


Tong Chol Min, vice-president of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education

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