For development of human civilization

November 4, 2022

UNESCO is a UN special agency for realizing international cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture. 

The UNESCO Charter was adopted in a meeting of the preparatory committee for founding UNESCO, which was held in London from November 1 to 16 1945, and it has become a special agency of the UN according to an agreement concluded with the UN in December 1946.

It puts it forward as the goal of its activity to contribute to global peace and security by strengthening international cooperation in the fields of education, science, culture and information.

Main objects of its work are national committees of UNESCO, the UN and UN special agencies and international and regional organizations. 

UNESCO is conducting joint activities with many organizations, institutions and bodies with the same purpose as its own in the world while working independently in its field and has contributed to ensuring global peace and security as it bolsters up cooperation with special agencies of the UN in the fields of education, environment, development and peace.

Thanks to the positive effort of UNESCO, exchanges have briskly been conducted in such fields as education, science, culture and information and, especially, global attention has been paid to attaching importance to educational and cultural work in developing countries.

The DPRK joined UNESCO on October 18 1974. It has taken an active part in the activities of the organization while attaching importance to its role.

The country has conducted strenuous activities to develop education, science, culture and other fields onto a higher stage as required by the new century. 

It pays due attention to cooperation with UNESCO, registering excellent cultural heritage and folk traditions of the nation in the world cultural heritage list and inscribing its famous mountains like Mt Paektu and Mt Kumgang as world biosphere reserves.


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