‘I saw the development level of the DPRK’s light industry’

November 1, 2022

The Autumn National Footwear Exhibition-2022 is now on at the Pyongyang Yokjon Department Store.

Today, I have come here to buy shoes and see the exhibition.

I saw many people choose shoes to their liking and technicians of different footwear factories conduct brisk exchange activities.

While staying in Pyongyang in the past some years, I have unconsciously been accustomed to the development of the DPRK like that. 

The DPRK and Syria have conducted many-sided economic cooperation and exchange activities. In the past, Syria took part in many exhibitions including the Pyongyang international trade fair held in spring and autumn.

These exhibitions show well that the DPRK’s economy is on a sure upturn stage and development stage. This revival has been brought about constantly despite blockade and sanctions by the hostile forces against the country.  

Looking round the exhibition venue today, I can know well that though the hostile forces are announcing to the world that there is nothing with only many shortages in the DPRK, it is a lie. A variety of quality shoes on display here have been made in the country in actuality. 

The DPRK government intends to produce more quality goods in line with the ever-developing demands and aesthetic taste of people.

I saw and felt it in the consumer goods show held at Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 some time ago and I can feel it now again after making the rounds of the footwear exhibition venue.

It is amazing and pleasing that the DPRK is taking the road of prosperity and development despite the current worldwide health crisis.

I am convinced that the DPRK will become a country of miracle making only progress under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un

Raed Habib, charg`e d'affaires ad interim of Syria to the DPRK

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