Meeting provides important turning point in opening up prospects of rural development

March 15, 2023

The Seventh Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held from February 26 to March 1 marked an important turning point in definitely opening up prospects of agricultural development in the DPRK.

The meeting discussed the first year’s work in the implementation of the programme for the rural revolution in the new era and a series of important tasks as the first agenda item.

In recent years, the WPK has discussed the rural question at its important meetings time and again, but it was the first time for it to deal with the question as the first agenda item of its plenary meeting.

This shows the Party attaches importance to agricultural development.

For the WPK which regards devoted service for the good of the people as its primary mission, it is [one of ]the most important matter[s] to solve their food problem.

In order to shore up the agricultural sector which has suffered a great deal of damage due to the atrocious and tenacious sanctions and blockade by hostile forces and recurrent calamitous abnormal weather, the WPK set agriculture as a major thrust area of socialist economic construction in recent years alone and has indicated directions of policies and tasks for solving problems arising in the efforts in opportune time.

For example, its Eighth Congress in January 2021 put forward the task of boosting agricultural production in the period of implementing the new five-year plan so as to solve the food problem of the people and the Fourth Plenary Meeting of its Eighth Central Committee in December that year unveiled the programme for the rural revolution serving as a blueprint for rural development in the new era.

At the recent seventh plenum, the Party laid down detailed schemes for successfully hitting the cereal production target for this year and laying the foundations for safely developing the country’s agriculture in the remaining period of implementing the five-year plan.

The tasks set forth at the plenary meeting include the perfection of the overall irrigation system to cope with disastrous abnormal weather, the supply of more new and highly efficient farm machines to rural communities while innovatively renovating the farm machine sector, the reclamation of tidal flats to extend the areas under cultivation, the building of stronger foundations for developing agricultural science and technology, the improvement of guidance over farming and the dynamic pushing of rural construction on a nationwide scale.

The meeting thoroughly delved into problems arising in agricultural production and adopted practical measures to solve them, which showed the WPK’s will to persistently lead the rural development in the new era and bring about an epoch-making change without fail.

The plenary meeting ardently called on the entire Party, the whole country and all the people to render powerful assistance to the agricultural sector, stressing that nothing is impossible as a powerful leadership system has been established in the entire Party and there is the united strength of all the people.

The firm single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the masses of the people and the people’s absolute loyalty to the Party’s leadership are the political and ideological advantages peculiar to the DPRK.

So far, the DPRK has achieved a great deal of successes, which are unthinkable with the existing common sense, in socialist construction by dint of its political and ideological might.

The world’s largest Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm built in a little over 230 days last year and modern dwelling houses springing up in different parts of Pyongyang are the crystallization of devotion of the service personnel and people who faithfully follow the ideas and intentions of the WPK for improving the people’s living standards as soon as possible.

The rural communities in the DPRK will exert themselves to implement the decisions made at the Seventh Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee.


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