For stabilizing and improving people’s livelihood

October 19, 2022

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, put forth it as the most important task facing the DPRK government to find satisfactory solutions to the pressing problems concerning the improvement of the people’s living standards in his policy speech at the Seventh Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held in September.

The government’s priority in stabilizing and improving the people’s livelihood is to ease the shortage of food and consumer goods.

It is the WPK’s firm decision to supply the people with enough food by hitting the national grain production target without fail and significantly alleviate the problem of daily necessities and basic foodstuffs by increasing the production in the light industry both in quality and quantity during the period of implementing the five-year plan set forth at the Eighth Party Congress.

Grave are the economic difficulties currently facing the country, but the DPRK government has set the correct direction for the implementation of the five-year plan and effectively organizes and dynamically pushes ahead with the work to bring civilization to and improve the living standards of the people.

It puts efforts into scientific farming and expansion of the area under cultivation for the stable development of agriculture and sets the completion of irrigation system as a major task as disastrous abnormal weathers grow ever more serious.

To this end, projects are underway to grasp the actual situations of irrigation facilities across the country in detail and reconstruct them in two or three years by restoring or maintaining the broken and old ones and installing more where necessary. Especially, it presses on with the work to build the firmer material and technical foundations of the irrigation sector and produce and supply necessary irrigation facilities in each province.

Considerable efforts are devoted to changing the structure of grain production.

It is the plan of the WPK to turn the country’s agricultural production into changing the people’s food culture into the one based on boiled rice and wheat flour foods.

Though they had no experience of wheat cultivation on a large scale, agricultural workers in different parts of the country increased the cultivating area of wheat as an earlier crop to raise its per-hectare yield last year. Busy as they are with autumn harvesting now, they are sowing seeds of winter wheat and barley at the same time.

The production of consumer goods is one of the most urgent economic tasks for this year.

The General Secretary said in his policy speech that improving the quality of consumer goods is the essence and basic orientation of the revolution in light industry.

The output of consumer goods is important, but more important is to make and supply quality products, even if they are only one kind, that are actually helpful to the people’s life--this is the demand of the WPK in consumer goods production.

All production units work hard to make famous products which can represent them by strictly adhering to the principle of giving priority to quality over quantity in the production of consumer goods.

While broadening the horizons and steadily improving the technical skills of producers, they ensure the quality of raw and other materials and step up the modernization of production processes. At the same time, they make strict demands on quality to meet the level of quality supervision and guarantee the quality of consumer goods with the public estimate as the standard.

In the course of it, a variety of quality consumer goods have been produced, those that are awaited and favoured by the people.

It was clearly evidenced by the several rounds of consumer goods and daily necessities exhibitions held in Pyongyang and the provinces this year.

Most recently, the 13th commodity exhibition of Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 was held and on show there were over 1 330 000 pieces of products in some 2 500 kinds.

A series of projects have been undertaken to boost the local industry across the country.

Factories were built as models and standards of the local industry in Kimhwa County of Kangwon Province, which has bad living conditions and poor economic foundations, fully displaying their vitality and the experience is generalized throughout the country.

Such successes the country achieved in the past one year and nine months show the happy future of the Korean people when practical changes will take place after the five-year plan is implemented.


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