DPRK, Russia promote traditional friendship

October 12, 2022

On October 12 1948, the DPRK established diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

Since then the two countries have strengthened the bonds of friendship, closely cooperating with each other in politics, the economy, culture and other fields on the principle of independence, equality and mutual benefit.

The DPRK-Russia friendly relations saw a steady improvement under the special concern and by the untiring efforts of the preceding leaders of the two countries.

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Russian Federation several times, making great contributions to boosting the relations of friendship between the two countries.

The first agreement between the two countries is the one on economic and cultural cooperation the President concluded as he paid the first official visit to the Soviet Union in 1949.

The bilateral friendship which had continued overcoming all difficulties and challenges of history entered a new stage of its development with the adoption of the DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration in 2000 and the DPRK-Russia Moscow Declaration in 2001.

True to the noble intention of the great leaders, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is very concerned to develop the DPRK-Russia relationship.

He paid an official visit to the Russian Federation in April 2019 and held the first meeting with President Putin to further promote friendly relations between the two countries in line with the requirements of the new era and the new situations.

President Putin paid particular attention to the visit of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, warmly welcoming him and according cordial hospitality to him with all sincerity.

Through the significant meeting, the General Secretary deepened good friendly relations with the Russian President and strengthened the ties of bilateral friendship a step higher.

At the present time the DPRK-Russia ties of friendship and cooperation have continuously been cemented in the interests of both sides and in line with the requirements of the new era.

The two countries aspire to promote good neighbourly and mutually beneficial cooperative relations on the principle of respect for sovereignty and equality. They have achieved marked successes in all fields of bilateral relations by promoting close contact and mutually beneficial cooperation. Mutual support and encouragement in the international arena have also grown more than ever before.

Strong friendship between the two countries contributes to ensuring peace and security in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world and establishing an international order based on independence and justice.

The Korean people are pleased as their own that the Russian people have made remarkable achievements with their diligent and honest efforts, extending full support to and solidarity with them in their struggle to defend the sovereignty and security of the country and safeguard the national interests.


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