Korean leader’s China visit a milestone in cementing bilateral ties

March 27, 2023

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid an unofficial visit to the People’s Republic of China from March 25 to 28 in 2018 as his first foreign tour as the DPRK leader.

The visit was a historic event of great significance in adding brilliance to the long-standing tradition of DPRK-China friendship and successfully carrying on and developing the bilateral bond generation after generation

His whirlwind China tour clearly demonstrated how much the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government attach importance to the friendly ties between the two parties and the two countries.

Chinese Party and state leaders warmly welcomed the Korean leader on his first historic China visit and offered him utmost hospitality.

At the meaningful meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, he had an in-depth exchange of views on important issues including the development of bilateral friendly relations and the control of situation on the Korean peninsula. He clarified the steadfast resolution of the Korean Party and government to carry forward the precious tradition of DPRK-China friendship forged and strengthened by the leaders of the two countries of older generations so as to boost the ties onto a new high stage in line with the requirements of the developing times and referred to the need to promote bilateral unity and cooperation by cementing the friendship and boosting strategic communication and strategic and tactical collaboration through frequent meeting with Chinese comrades including Xi Jinping.

The Chinese President warmly welcomed him to China and stressed that it is the strategic choice and steadfast will of the Chinese Party and government to attach importance to and uninterruptedly carry on and develop Sino-DPRK friendship which the leaders of older generations provided and cultivated with great care in the course of contributing to the victorious advance of the socialist cause with the common ideal, faith and deep revolutionary friendship.

The significance of the Korean leader’s China visit lies in that it affirmed the common will of the two countries to solidify their socialist system and provide their peoples with happiness and a rosy future.

The bilateral ties were forged with blood in the course of the sacred struggle for their common cause.

President Kim Il Sung waged long bloody battles against the Japanese imperialists shoulder to shoulder with Chinese revolutionaries and crushed the aggression and anti-socialist manoeuvres of the imperialist reactionaries hand in hand with them.

Chairman Kim Jong Il put his heart and soul into adding more brilliance to the long-standing tradition of bilateral friendship provided by the President until the last period of his life.

The history of DPRK-China friendship is clearly imprinted with the comradeship forged between the Korean and Chinese leaders and pulsates with the friendly feelings between the peoples of the two countries who have supported and closely cooperated with each other while dedicating their blood and lives.

As it is unbreakable ties, the friendship has been carried on even in the whirlwinds of history and has sustained its original features despite life-or-death crises.

The DPRK and PRC follow the fine tradition of friendship and unity as they bolster mutual support and solidarity in order to defend and glorify the common cause of socialism even in the present unprecedentedly complicated international political situation.

The bilateral friendship will continue to develop onto a higher stage thanks to the deep friendly relations between the leaders of the two countries and their energetic leadership.


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