Nation set to push modernization of local-industry factories

November 11, 2022

The modernization of local-industry factories is vigorously pushed ahead across the DPRK. 

The standards that should be met in this effort are the local-industry factories in Kimhwa County, Kangwon Province, which were built last June as models of local factories according to decisions of the Eighth Congress and plenary meetings of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The effort was initiated to bring about a radical turn in the production of consumer goods. 

In order to put the consumer goods production on a normal track on the principle of giving priority to quality over quantity, it is needed to modernize the production equipment and processes at local-industry factories that take a large share in the production. 

In the course of the modernization effort, the producer masses will proactively come up with ideas and make innovative successes, which in turn will serve as an opportunity for them to acquire advanced scientific and technological knowledge and high skills. 

The effort is also geared to promoting self-reliant and multilateral development of cities and counties.

It is one of the important tasks put forward by the Eighth Party Congress to lay foundations for boosting the local economy and improving the people’s living standards by promoting self-reliant and multilateral development of cities and counties.

In order to develop the local economy in accordance with regional characteristics by making good use of the mountains in the mountainous regions and the sea in the coastal regions, it is essential to build local-industry factories that would underpin the development. 

Modernized local-industry factories should guarantee rapid and sustainable development of the regional economy by turning out popular goods and specialty products that are called by the names of their locations.

Another purpose of the modernization effort is to develop the country’s economy in a balanced and sustainable way. 

Only when the gap between the centrally-controlled industry and local industry was reduced and all cities and counties developed at a uniform rate can the national economy be put on a normal track where it is operated without a hitch or vacillation in any circumstances and develop in a sustainable manner. 

At present, cities and counties across the country are pushing the projects for the modernization of local-industry factories so that they can help ensure self-reliance and multilateral development of their regions. They set dynamic and practicable targets for modernizing the factories with their own efforts on the basis of scientific calculation and work to achieve them purposefully and systematically and according to phased plans after deciding on the order of priority.


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