WPK’s blueprint for rural development in new era

October 28, 2022

Based on the inherent requirements of socialist rural development, specific conditions of the DPRK, desire of the people and scientific analysis of the potentiality and foundation of its own, the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea set forth a new programme for rural construction to open up a new era of effecting drastic development of socialist countryside by pushing forward with the rural development.

It also put up the targets to be attained in the Korean-style rural development: enhancing the level of ideological awareness of agricultural workers, achieving a rapid development of agricultural workforce and bringing about a fundamental change in the living environment of the countryside.

The agricultural workers are the motive force of the rural development, and it is the most crucial task in socialist rural construction and a key factor for its victory to make them main players and masters of the rural development.

To this end, educational efforts are dynamically conducted to make collectivism predominant in their ideological consciousness and life under the slogan of “One for all and all for one!” and to make them follow the examples of hero farmers and patriotic farmers of former generations. In that course, the agricultural workers’ enthusiasm for contributing to the prosperity of the socialist country with agricultural production is growing stronger.

It is a firm guarantee for rural development to upgrade the agricultural production environment.

At present, the agricultural sector pushes ahead with the works to adjust, reinforce and further complete irrigation systems, to produce and supply agricultural materials such as various kinds of modern and efficient agricultural machines, fertilizers and agrochemicals, to diffuse advanced agricultural technologies and to increase its own technical forces.

In September, 5 500 pieces of new agricultural machinery made in the munitions industry sector were delivered to South Hwanghae Province, the biggest agricultural province of the country.

It is the most important task of socialist rural construction to bring about fundamental changes in the aspects and living environment of the countryside.

It is the rural construction policy of the WPK to turn all rural villages across the country into rich and cultured socialist ideal villages in the near future, and its main requirement in the construction is to modernize mountainous, plain and coastal areas in accordance with their own characteristics.

Therefore, efforts are directed towards mobilization of powerful state support, activation of a powerful state guidance system and enhancement of the roles of cities and counties directly responsible for the local construction, while the construction of rural dwelling houses are underway with vigour in all parts of the country.

The rural dwelling house construction headquarters were organized and cement is preferentially supplied to those construction projects. Designs for rural dwellings are produced at a high level and measures are taken to send necessary workforce and materials to the construction sites.

Finishing materials production bases have been established in provinces, cities and counties for the rural dwelling construction projects and they are striving to develop high-quality building materials that rely on local resources.

On October 10, the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm was inaugurated in South Hamgyong Province. Over 850 hydroponic and soil greenhouses have been built in a modern, intensive and industrial way in a vast area of 280 hectares, unfolding a sea of greenhouses. The vast farm area presents a spectacular view with the remarkable harmony of over 1 000 dwelling houses, schools, a hall of culture and complex service facilities that retain local characteristics. 

The significant changes for rural development being made in the country clearly show the vitality of the WPK’s rural construction programme.


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