Land management progresses through all-people campaign

October 24, 2022

All the Korean people have turned out like one in the campaign for minimizing the damage from calamitous abnormal climate phenomena, with the importance of land management being highlighted with the passage of time. 

Land management is not merely the work for protecting human and material resources from natural disasters, but a patriotic undertaking to defend the people’s lives and property and protect the land of the country, a mass-based endeavour involving the whole country and society and all the people, not a few people.

Information and organizational work have further been stepped up to conduct land management more briskly as all-people activities. 

A well-knit system was established to organize and command it in a unified manner. Every region and unit pushes ahead with land management, regarding it as a duty-bound important task. 

Tree-planting is conducted vigorously throughout the country every year. 

In the DPRK, where mountains cover most of the country’s territory, all the people strive to develop mountains of their regions into thick forests that can contribute to the people’s livelihood and economic development. 

When Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, planted trees together with the participants in the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the WPK on Tree-planting Day in March this year, he said that tree-planting is due work of all citizens on this land and sacred patriotic work of planting seeds of happiness and shaping the future with their sweat and efforts.

Besides, many projects for erosion control, river improvement and road administration and so on related to land management are steadily carried out according to a well thought-out plan. 

Everyone devotes themselves to this work, regarding it as their duty to spruce up their native places into pleasant and beautiful places to live in with their efforts. Strenuous efforts are being made to learn experience from advanced units. 

In the course of this, the number of rangers and road keepers who have worked in all sincerity at remote mountains is on the increase and they are held in respect and affection by the country and people.  


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