Dwelling house construction first major policy task for this year

March 1, 2023

The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea set it as the first major policy task to build more dwelling houses this year and assigned the tasks to step up the capital city construction in a bolder way in the third year of the construction of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang and direct greater efforts to the construction of farmhouses on the basis of last year’s experience.

Setting house construction as the first major policy task reflects the firm decision and will of the WPK to provide the people with modern houses as early as possible so that they can enjoy happiness in a civilized living environment, the practical embodiment of the people-first principle.

The construction of dwelling houses is a revolution that brings about epochal changes and a project greatly favoured by the people.

Therefore, the WPK set it as the core of the construction policy to make the DPRK the first country to solve the housing problem at its Eighth Congress.

It is the firm intention of the WPK to mainly ease the shortage of dwelling houses on a nationwide scale in the period of the five-year plan by building 50 000 modern flats in Pyongyang by all means, turning the Komdok area into a mine city and a gorge city with distinctive dwelling houses and pushing ahead with the construction of dwelling houses on a large scale in provinces, cities and counties as well according to yearly plans as decided by the Party congress. 

Marked progress was made in relevant construction projects thanks to the far-reaching plan and love for the people of the WPK.

Last year, wonderful successes were achieved in similar projects in the Hwasong area in the capital city and the construction of a greenhouse construction in the Ryonpho area and projects of weighty significance in the economic growth and the improvement of the people’s living standards were completed. 

The work to implement the WPK’s new programme for rural revolution started on a full scale and model dwelling houses representing the new era of rural development appeared in cities and counties across the country, thus enlivening the whole country with happy house-moving.

In the course of this, advanced architectural technology and construction methods such as green architecture and dry construction were introduced in a bold and innovative way, the foundations of industrial areas to produce construction equipment and building materials were further expanded and consolidated and construction units and builders become stronger and more skilled.

Unique high-rise apartment buildings and excellent rural dwelling houses that could be seen only in architectural designs a few months before rose like a miracle in a short span of time, and thus architecture of the country developed onto a higher stage and the appearance of the country remarkably improved.

Indeed it was a revolution to bring about epochal changes.

Invariable is the policy of the WPK to satisfy the daily increasing demand and ideal of the people by building new streets and large architectural groups to suit the level of contemporary civilization.

The WPK energetically leads the historic construction projects to build new large-scale modern streets, widening the urban section of Pyongyang to the east, west and north, through the construction of 50 000 flats in the city.

The construction of apartment buildings and conspicuous public facilities in the Hwasong area and other parts of the capital city after Songhwa Street will add beauty and magnificence to the city.

All provinces, cities and counties have buckled down to the work to build more rural dwellings by strengthening their own construction forces and consolidating their building materials production bases on the basis of their experience in rural construction in the previous year.

The magnificent high-rise apartment blocks and modern dwelling houses designed to suit the national sentiment and aesthetic sense of the Korean people clearly show the greatness of the people-first politics of the WPK to provide the people with more stable and civilized living conditions.


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