Who should sit in human rights dock?

January 26, 2023

At this moment when the new year has dawned, humankind is full of hope and expectations for the future, yet reflecting on the lessons of last year.

Last year also saw specific forces find fault with other countries at their own pleasure and dishonestly attempt to bring them into the human rights dock in the international human rights arena, arousing serious concern of the international community.

The ringleader who turned the international human rights arena, the place for promoting dialogue and cooperation between countries, into a venue for confrontation is none other than the United States.

At the UN Human Rights Council, the Third Committee of the UNGA and other major meetings devoted to human rights last year, the US tried to brand independent countries as “human rights violators” and “anti-humanity criminal states” by making a big fuss about “dismal human rights situation” and “wide-ranging violations of human rights” in those countries.

In particular, at the 51st Session of the UNHRC in October, the US presented a draft resolution on regularizing the discussions of China Xinjiang issue from the 52nd Session in 2023 and desperately tried to pass it by mustering some Western countries. 

However, the draft was ultimately turned down, for a number of developing countries strongly opposed such attempt of the US as interference in the internal affairs of China.

Meanwhile, the US did not hesitate to railroad its following forces into adopting “human rights resolutions” which had seriously distorted and fabricated the human rights situations in individual countries.

Anti-imperialist independent countries like China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and Belarus strongly condemned and rejected such double-standard and high-handed behaviour as an act of political provocation aimed at interfering in the internal affairs and toppling the systems of those countries.

In December, the US attempted to convene at the UNSC an official meeting to discuss a so-called “human rights issue” of the DPRK, but the bid suffered a rebuff as a majority of Security Council members opposed it.

The US attempt to convene such a meeting has failed for five years in a row. This constitutes the fair assessment of the international society on the illegality and impropriety of the “human rights” racket against the DPRK.

The above-mentioned facts show that gone are the days when the US indulged itself in high-handedness and arbitrariness posing as a “human rights judge” in the international arena.

The US fabricates “human rights violation” and “human rights abuse” of other countries which do not exist and makes much ado about them in public. But what it is doing behind the scenes only arouses surging resentment and contempt of the world people.

For instance, the crimes it committed in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria in the new century are the gravest crimes of human rights violation that can put it in the dock as often as it can be.

The review process on the US implementation of the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination”, which took place at the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in August last year, turned into a place for impeachment where the foul crimes of human rights violation committed by the US against non-whites were indicted fully before the world.

Many experts participating in the review unanimously and sharply denounced the US, saying that, while being indifferent to the deep-rooted racial discrimination in its own country, the US is bent on inventing lies and groundless rumours about human rights situation in other countries in order to use them as a means of hegemony-maintaining policy and political tricks.

Due to its own incurably dismal human rights situation and bloody atrocities it committed abroad, the US has long been disqualified for arguing about human rights issues. Therefore, its conduct of imprudently labelling other countries and clinging to groundless criticism could never be accepted in today’s bright world.

The US should clearly see the stern eyes of the broad spectrum of the international society and put an end to the anachronistic behaviour of “human right judge”. And it should sit in the dock of human rights, honestly reflecting on the past and present crimes.

Jang Chol Ho, researcher at the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies

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