Criminal act menacing life and safety of mankind

August 12, 2023

Recently the Japanese authorities have pushed ahead with the detailed initiation examination in order to dump radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea.

Criticism against it is continuously rising at home and abroad.

On July 20, 120 civilians staged a demonstration in front of the ministry of economy and industry and the Tokyo electric power company, urging the authorities to defend the fishing industry.

On July 18, the Soma Futaba fishing cooperative in Soma, Fukushima, Japan, held in the town an opinion-swap meeting with the state and Tokyo electric power company to demand that the wastewater be continuously kept in tanks within the compound of the power plant. Mentioning the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency drew up a report that the “discharging plan conforms to international standards”, the head of the cooperative clarified that they do not agree to the discharging.

In June the forum of island countries in the Pacific issued a statement to call for paying attention to international laws opposing the dumping of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific. The general secretary of the forum censured Japan’s plan for discharging the nuclear wastewater at sea, saying that “our people have nothing to obtain from Japan’s discharging plan. Only posterity will face greater danger”.

The Chinese government criticized the Japanese authorities, noting that as their decision originated from their calculation of economic cost alone, they did not take enough measures for safe disposal and had no enough discussion with the neighbouring countries and the international community and that to expose the international society to danger proceeding from their interests is an irresponsible and immoral act.

The academic world already expressed its opinion that if Japan’s plan for discharging the nuclear wastewater is realized, a large quantity of radioactive substances will spread to most waters of the Pacific within 57 days and sea areas across the world ten years later. Then the East Sea of Korea and the Pacific as a whole will turn into a “sea of death” and the maritime environment of the entire world be contaminated by radioactive substances.

Japan, a criminal state which brought Korea and other Asian countries bloody calamities by sending its aggression forces there in the last century, is now trying to infringe upon the life and safety of mankind by discharging the nuclear wastewater at sea.

Japan’s reckless criminal attempt to seriously threaten the life and safety of mankind and destroy the ecological environment of the earth can never be tolerated.


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