America celebrates Independence Day with deadly shootings

August 3, 2023

Gun crimes occurred in succession in many parts of the US before and after its Independence Day, killing 10 people and injuring dozens of others.

According to statistics published by a relevant institution, on July 4, Independence Day of the US, a man in his forties fired at random on the people around him to kill five persons and wound two children in Philadelphia. Similar incidents happened in Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan, causing casualties.

Three persons were killed and two others injured by a shooting incident in Texas on July 3 and two were killed and 28 others wounded in Maryland and 11 people injured in Kansas on July 2.

In this respect, US President Biden expressed disappointment over the increased shooting incidents on the occasion of Independence Day on July 4, saying that the holiday turned into a painful and tragic day in a moment.

It is common in every nation that festive atmosphere prevails in the whole country, all kinds of celebrations are held and people happily spend the day on national day, a national holiday.

But gun violence continued to take place in the US, taking the lives of people even on national holiday and turning Independence Day into a day of bloody massacre.

Shooting incidents reportedly killed seven people and wounded over 30 others on Independence Day last year.

Gun crimes rampant in the US is an inevitable outcome of American society rife with misanthropy and violent culture.

In the US the media widely encourages violent culture whose core is the decadent gun culture. It is reported that 80 percent of TV amusement programmes contain bloody killing and daily programmes show scenes of violence 8-12 times an hour on average.

As people are legally and institutionally allowed to possess firearms and they are overtly advertised at shops and on streets, everyone can buy lethal weapons easily if they have money.

On July 6, the New York City Police confessed that 482 cases of gun crimes were reported in the city in the first half of the year.

The US Gun Violence Archive said that gun crimes claimed over 2 200 lives across the country this year.

Despite the facts, the US authorities in collusion with the munitions monopolies connive at and positively encourage the sale and possession of firearms to kill many people instead of controlling them.

According to recent research data published by a world economy and peace institute, this year the US ranked 131st out of 163 countries in the Global Peace Index and the suicide rate is six times higher than European nations.

Facts and figures show American society is a living hell and human slaughterhouse in which its people cannot live in peace even a moment.

As long as the reactionary system seeking pecuniary interests rather than human lives exists, the tragic incident on Independence Day will repeat continuously.


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