Japan makes criminal attempt to victimize humanity

June 7, 2023

The misbehaviour of Japan to dump nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant at sea has reached a very dangerous phase.

As is known, there was an explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant due to the great earthquake and tsunami that rocked the Japanese archipelago over a decade ago.

The incident caused the leak of tritium, cesium, strontium and other dangerous radioactive substances, seriously polluting the surrounding areas. Later, rainwater and underground water flowed into the reactor facilities to produce a large amount of radioactive-contaminated water.

What is serious is that a large quantity of radioactive materials leaking from the nuclear power plant is flowing into the coast of the Pacific in North America as well as that of Japan.

According to the calculation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company published by Tokyo Shimbun on April 21 2011, the incident resulted in a discharge of 20 000 times more radioactive materials than the tolerable limits for the power plant to release in a year at sea between April 1 and 6 alone.

Later on, large and small high-concentration contaminated water leaking incidents occurred one after another, including the leak of 45 tons of nuclear waste water containing a million times more radioactive materials than the tolerable limits in December 2011, that of 500 tons of radioactive-contaminated water with 2.66 million times more radioactive materials than the tolerable limits in August and December 2013 and that of about 100 tons of nuclear waste water in February 2014.

Despite the continued leak of radioactive-contaminated water and severe damage caused by it, Japan randomly discharged 11 500 tons of nuclear waste water, whose radioactivity is 100 times more than the tolerable limits, at sea, calling it “low-concentration nuclear waste water”.

As they faced a barrage of protest and denunciation against it from the international community, the Japanese authorities tried in every way to deceive the world public, saying processed nuclear waste water causes no damage even if it is released at sea and it was admitted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Moreover, according to the test of the nuclear waste water of Japan which was claimed to have passed through the processing conducted by experts, strontium and other radioactive materials were still found in larger amount than the standard limits.

As it was discovered that the content of radioactive materials in fishes caught in the surrounding waters of Fukushima prefecture was much more than the tolerable limits in February and April 2021, the sale of fish was prohibited in markets.

Experts say that the discharge of radioactive-contaminated water at sea would lead to fatal consequences beyond imagination on the ecological environment and health and personal safety of humankind.

There are strong opinions that if Japan dumped a large amount of nuclear waste water at sea, it would contaminate the adjacent waters off Jeju Island in a few months and the whole waters of the East Sea of Korea in a year and then turn the entire Pacific into an “ocean of death”. 

But the shameless Japanese authorities insisted that it was a “safe processed water” and “drinkable water” and went so far as to say that “contaminated water” is not a proper expression and it should be called “processed water”, misleading the public at home and abroad. 

Last March they held a special exhibition of foodstuffs made in Fukushima and played a farce of inviting chefs, restaurant managers and retailers to gain “support” for their plan for dumping nuclear waste water.

Reportedly, an amount of nuclear waste water large enough to fill over 500 swimming pools capable of holding the Olympic Games is stored at the Fukushima nuclear power plant now and it is increasing by about 140 tons every day. 

What cannot be overlooked is that despite strong public protest at home and abroad, they approved the plan for dumping nuclear waste water from the power plant at the Pacific on a large scale in April 2021 and publicly announced in January this year that they would start dumping it in spring or summer.

Such a dangerous criminal act to throw nuclear waste over humanity has sparked bitter denunciation and criticism at home and abroad.

Governments of many countries in Asia and Europe and international organizations denounce the unilateral attempt of the Japanese authorities at dumping nuclear waste water at sea as an unethical criminal act which may cause an unpredictable radioactive-contamination crisis to the world maritime environment and health of humankind.

Dumping nuclear waste water at sea is a crime of inflicting a nuclear holocaust on entire humanity.

Japan is advised to refrain from making a victim of humanity.


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