Dangerous environment wrecker threatening humankind

March 23, 2023

Japan is working to bring another great calamity upon mankind suffering the world-sweeping malignant epidemic crisis.

Despite strong opposition from the international community, the Japanese Prime Minister recently said that they would discharge a vast amount of highly radioactive water accumulated due to an accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station from spring to summer this year and the discharge cannot be delayed for the reconstruction of Fukushima.

In the regular news briefings held on March 6 and 10, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the disposal of the contaminated water of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station is not a matter confined to the Japanese side alone as it is related to the global marine environment and public health and strongly urged the Japanese side to dispose of the contaminated water in a scientific, open, transparent and safe way including the opening to the public of the disposal plan along with marine discharge under strict international supervision.

The problem is that the radioactive contaminated water has been created by the chain explosion of the nuclear power station by an extra-large earthquake and tidal waves that hit Fukushima in 2011. Such risky radioactive substances as tritium, cesium and strontium have remarkably been contained as compared to allowable standard indexes.

In the past, the Japanese government had kept a great deal of the contaminated water produced every day in tanks. It had expressed its intention to dump the nuclear waste water into the sea with its storing capacity reaching limit.

In spite of strong opposition from the international community, it officially decided marine discharge and has advertised it as "clean water" treated through the purification process.

In connection with this, the acting Fijian Prime Minister has recently expressed doubt, saying why on earth Japan does not reuse it as industrial or agricultural water in the country if the contaminated water was refined safely. He said that the environment in the Pacific Ocean is very important for Fijians, opposing Japan’s marine discharge plan,

If the Japanese government finally discharges the contaminated water, a huge amount of hazardous substances will spread to most of the waters of the Pacific Ocean in dozens of days from the coast of Fukushima where the sea current is fast in the world.

This will not only destroy the ecological environment of the blue sea, property common to mankind, but also pose a grave threat to the health and existence of people.

Moreover, the discharge of Japan’s contaminated water is a very fatal problem for Korea or China which lies across the sea from Japan.

The behaviour of Japan has revealed once again the shamelessness peculiar to Japan which takes no account of the security of other countries and mankind for their own interests.

Japan had better lend its ears to the voices of the world and withdraw its decision to discharge the contaminated water to the sea as soon as possible.


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