Dangerous self-destructive act of aggravating regional situation

February 13, 2023

Recently, the Mitsubishi heavy industry of Japan has launched “H-2A” rocket-46 loaded with a reconnaissance satellite.

Foreign media report that this satellite, which was launched on the pretext of observing the ground to ensure security of Japan and for the management of disaster and other crises, would also be used for monitoring our missile launching facilities.

At the end of the last year, Japan forcibly adopted three major documents on its security, saying that its surrounding security environment is getting serious. And now it builds up public opinion, saying that it will be fully prepared to cope with security crisis in the future, too, by maximizing the use of its intelligence-gathering satellite. All this helps us imagine well the ulterior motive behind this satellite launch.

Japan has so far launched well over 100 satellites including the spy satellites since it launched its first artificial earth satellite “Osumi” in February 1970.

Labelling our peaceful launch of artificial satellite in 1998 as ballistic missile launch, Japan launched its first spy satellite in 2003. Henceforth, it has continued its hostile reconnaissance against our country.

Having taken off the cloak of “total defense”, Japan is now launching spy satellites with unprecedented frequency while speeding up its development and introduction of ultra-modern offensive weapons such as fighters, long-range missiles and hypersonic missiles in a bid to possess pre-emptive strike capability.

All these moves are now eliciting sharp vigilance and serious concern from neighbouring countries.

Japan should pay heed to the just demand and warning of the international society for peace and stability, instead of rushing into arms buildup and following the dangerous road that would only escalate tension in the region.

Cha Hye Gyong, researcher at the Institute for Studies of Japan, DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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