Japan’s radioactive-contaminated water dumping plan threatens human lives

December 29, 2022

Japan is trying to discharge the radioactive-contaminated water from the Fukushima atomic power plant to the sea. 

As is known, the Fukushima atomic power plant damaged by strong earthquake and tidal wave in 2011 keeps a large store of nuclear wastewater and the amount is still increasing by about 140 tons a day.

Upset by this, the Japanese authorities are going to get rid of it by dumping in the sea. It plans to release the radioactive-contaminated water of the power plant from the spring of next year.

Their bid is intensely getting on the nerves of the international community. Voices of concern are being heard from different parts of the world.

A group of experts in nuclear contaminated water of the forum of island countries in the Pacific expressed their deep concern as they stressed the unimaginable consequences to be caused by Japan’s dumping of nuclear wastewater on the people and marine biodiversity.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry noted in a routine news briefing that Japan will have to accept the strict supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, saying that it should refrain from releasing radioactive contaminated water.

In actuality, the radiation leakage happened by the explosion of the Fukushima atomic power plant had serious influence upon the ecological environment of the whole world beyond continents and oceans and its danger is increasing as the days go by.

If Japan dumps a huge amount of radioactive-contaminated water in the sea in spite of the fact, the Pacific Ocean will heavily be polluted and people of many coastal countries will be exposed to the threat of nuclear disaster. 

It is none other than an expression of extreme egotism peculiar to Japan which seeks its own interests alone, ignoring others’.

Every sin brings its punishment with it. Japan will be unable to avoid stronger and wider denunciation and rejection of the international community.

The Pacific is not a brook of Japan.


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