UK needs to show primary concern for addressing its dismal human rights situation

December 27, 2022

On December 9, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued an annual report titled “Human Rights and Democracy” where it designated the DPRK again as one of “human rights priority countries” along with 30 other countries including China, Russia and Iran.

This report-issuing farce by the UK constitutes an out-and-out political provocation in step with the US policy of hostility towards the DPRK and an open interference in internal affairs of a sovereign state.

In our country, the whole society is united with noble virtue and affection and independent rights of the masses of the people are institutionally guaranteed. Hence, the “human rights issue” clamoured by the UK does not and can never exist.

Assuming an air of a “human rights judge”, the UK is annually picking on independent countries of its dislike over the non-existent “human rights issue”.

Since the beginning of this year, the UK has taken the lead in the “diplomatic boycott” of the West against the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games over “human rights issue”. It also called on the international society to break their relations with Syria under a groundless excuse that Syria “violated” international humanitarian law.

Besides, it made an attempt to stir up an international atmosphere of putting pressure on China, Russia, Iran, Myanmar and other countries over the “human rights issue” by mobilizing international organizations including the UN Human Rights Council. There are simply too many examples of this sort to enumerate.

Clear is the ulterior motive of the UK behind the politicization of “human rights issues” of other countries.

It is to put political pressure on other countries with different “values” while covering up their dismal human rights situation.

There is a saying, “What goes around comes around.”

This saying may go to the UK which is in an inveterate habit of finding faults with others without knowing where it stands.

From a historical point of view, the UK has also gained notoriety for human rights violation.

The soldiers under the special forces of UK “paratroops” stationed in Afghanistan did not scruple to mercilessly kill innocent civilians, to say nothing of the prisoners of war.

This year too, the UK came under fire at home and abroad for treating the refugees as “goods” to be exported overseas by concluding a “human trade” agreement which is aimed at driving out to Rwanda the refugees entering its homeland to seek a way to make a living. It was also adamant that it will withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights when the latter took issue with its implementation of the agreement, much to the consternation of the world people.

Aforementioned facts substantiate the fact that the “human rights protection” chanted by the UK is nothing more than a hypocrisy.

The UK suffered the worst disgrace as two prime ministers had to resign consecutively in less than a few months due to their anti-popular policies. It would be better for the UK to ponder over as to why millions of the working people are turning up in strikes and protests.

The UK would be well advised to direct its primary concern to redressing its dismal human rights situation including the improvement of its people’s livelihood, instead of keeping on putting up its worn-out “human rights signboard”.

Choe Hyon Do, researcher of the Korea-Europe Association

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