Canadian policy of toeing US line–doomed to pay due price

December 18, 2022

On November 27, the Canadian Foreign Minister released an “Indo-Pacific Strategy”, in which she made nonsensical remarks that the Indo-Pacific region is faced with the “real security threats” from our country and China.

The “Indo-Pacific Strategy” of Canada, an “exemplary state” in terms of servitude to the US, is a carbon copy of the US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy aimed at containing China.

It is no coincidence that Chinese media including Global Times commented as follows:

Ottawa renounced its long-term foreign policy on cooperation and engagement with China and has finally started to act like Washington’s anti-China servant. Canada is now investing all its profits in the US.

What cannot be overlooked is that Canada, which had closely followed the US into the aggression against the DPRK during the Korean war, openly revealed its intention, through the above-mentioned “Indo-Pacific Strategy”, to take yet more proactive part in the military operations aimed at our country under different codenames.

That such a country is condemning our exercise of the legitimate right to self-defence as a “threat” to peace and security in the region is nothing more than a trick to justify its act of submission to the US, blindly following the latter’s unwarranted policy of hostility towards the DPRK.

Canada has persisted in its blind following of the US acts of hostility towards the DPRK since the Korean war and is now deploying various military equipment in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula under the pretext of implementing the UNSC “sanctions resolutions” on the DPRK, worsening the already dangerous situation.

For instance, since 2018, Canada has been conducting operation “Neon” under the pretext of “monitoring” ship-to-ship transfer around the Korean peninsula. Canada’s recent statement of its intention to continue such an operation is a perilous act further aggravating tension in the Asia-Pacific region.

Canada had better remind itself that its reckless act is as foolish as dashing into fire with firewood on its back.

Should Canada, oblivious of its defeat and shame in the Korean war in the 1950s, continue to toe the US line of hostility towards the DPRK, it will be doomed to pay a due price for it.


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