‘Hacking empire’ fusses about ‘cyber threat’

November 25, 2022

It has been reported that a so-called international conference on cyber issues was held in Washington, the United States, from October 31 to November 1.

With regard to this, an official from the US National Security Council made a nonsensical remark to a question raised by a journalist asking the motive for holding the meeting. He said that it is aimed at countering the cyberattacks from the DPRK, China, Russia, and Iran.

The cyberspace is a common asset of mankind. Ensuring its security is also common mission and responsibility of mankind.

Even in cyberspace, however, the US pursues its bloc-forming policy which foments division and confrontation by rejecting and ostracizing the countries that have different political views from the US in a bid to misuse the cyberspace for realizing its strategy for hegemony.

As it has already been known, the US is a “hacking empire” and a “wiretapping empire” that has long been notorious for committing super-large cybercriminal acts, i.e. the “Prism Plan” intended for wiretapping even the leaders of its allies and the “TV Screen Action” for launching hacking attacks on 45 countries and regions.

As released by the Danish media in May 2021, the US National Security Agency (NSA) hacked into the Danish internet and monitored the activities of the leaders of the European countries including Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.

The Chinese National Emergency Center for Computer Virus revealed in 2021 that 53.1% of 42 million malwares exposed by it in 2020 were sourced from the US. It also revealed that 19 000 out of 52 000 server computers controlling malwares that had been manipulating Chinese computers from abroad were found to be from America.

A report released in early 2022 disclosed that the NSA stole 97 billion global internet data and 124 billion phone logs from a remote place in only 30 days.

American newspaper The Washington Post also carried an article in September saying that the US army officials engaged in cyberspace are waging illegal cyber activities as they describe Russia as “imperialism” on SNS in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.

This notwithstanding, the US, clamoring for “cyber threats” of others, held what it calls an international conference to deal with it. This is indeed a mockery of the international community.

The real purpose of the US in kicking up a row about the “cyber threat” is to create an atmosphere and a condition for maintaining its supremacy in cyberspace and carrying out cyberattacks like wiretapping and secret stealing without a hitch.

The United States is truly a root of and main culprit behind cyber threat. To ensure security in cyberspace, we should first wipe out the cyber-criminal acts committed by the US, a “hacking empire”.

Kim Song Il, vice-chairman of the Association for Countermeasures against International Cybercrimes

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