Puppet without ‘conscience’ or ‘morality’

November 24, 2022

Not long ago, Ukrainian President Zelensky received widespread media coverage in the US and the West. At a time of telephone conversation with Biden in June this year, he incurred disfavour of Biden by importunately demanding further increase in the military aid.

At that time, Biden, in a dignified manner, notified Zelensky of the decision to provide Ukraine with military aid worth a billion US dollars. But Biden exploded with anger when Zelensky rattled off the list of additional aid without expressing thanks to the US decision.

Until now, the US provided Ukraine with military aid worth more than 17 billion US dollars. This far surpasses the annual defence budget of any other countries. So it is quite understandable that Biden was displeased with Zelensky’s “unconscionable” attitude.

Zelensky, being rebuked by Biden, clarified his position that he expresses gratitude to the military aid of the US. His “speed” of reflection puts cosmic speed to shame.

Many foreign media said that Zelensky was held up to ridicule because he was too forward in front of his “master,” the US.

This is only a single episode that shows the poor and pitiful position of the puppet who cannot shake off the disgraced label of “war servant”, even though he is being treated with chilly disdain from its master.

He had already become a laughing stock of everybody when the media revealed that he was consulting with his nine-year-old son on the situation at the front line and was purchasing the weapons from the West on his son’s advice.

It is obvious that nobody can match Zelensky in amusing the audience because he was once an actor. But, if we dare to mention which we find missing, he doesn’t have an ability to distinguish between reality and film.

This may explain the attitude that he took towards Biden during the telephone conversation. He must have been labouring under the illusion that he is a hero of a film and everything is done according to the scenario.

Zelensky’s sense of reality is so dull that the media of the US and the West lavish many nicknames on him such as “a pawn”, “the disposable”, “a sneak” and “a stupid man” even though they know well about the “loyalty” of him taking the lead in the anti-Russian offensive.

He made such haste at the time of telephone conversation with Biden because he was so thirsty for the aid from the US. For that I feel somewhat pity. But however urgent the matter was, he should have at least shown “conscience” and “morality” of respecting his master across the ocean who is helping him “selflessly”.

Zelensky is better advised to refrain himself from such words and deeds that can offend the “masters” if he wants to continue squeezing money from them.

But what is more important for him is to escape as soon as possible from his policy of following the US which drives the destiny of the country and people into catastrophe.

Kim Yu Hyok, member of the Korea-Russia Association for Promotion of Exchange and Cooperation

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