Japanese reactionaries' fascist outrage unpardonable

November 21, 2022

Japan, which is known to be a vulgar nation, continues to betray its crude nature as the most sordid human rights abuser in the world.

The Japanese reactionaries impudently dare to pick a quarrel with the self-defensive measure the DPRK took to cope with the anti-DPRK aggressive war drills of Japan and other hostile forces, turning the whole of the archipelago into a theatre of expulsion of Koreans.

On October 4 alone, they made threatening calls full of venoms to Korean Middle and High School in Tokyo, Korean High School in Kobe, and others, saying that "North Korean schools cannot exist in Japan" and "If the law is prepared in Japan, we'll destroy your facilities." The right-wing gangsters even deployed loudspeaker cars near the Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) institutions in Aichi, Ishikawa, Gunma and other prefectures and shouted "North Koreans, go home".

Hate crimes against Korean schools, students and Chongryon institutions have reportedly increased to over a dozen cases recently.

This is nothing but a premeditated and organized state crime committed by the Japanese authorities that pursue the policy of hostility to the DPRK and Chongryon such as racial discrimination and repression of Koreans.

It is a well-known fact that the Japanese reactionaries have historically committed unethical crimes of flagrantly violating the human rights of Korean compatriots in Japan, setting Chongryon as the primary target of their hostility to the DPRK.

Japan is the one and only savage country on the globe that stretches out its tentacles of entirely unjust discrimination and persecution to innocent children and even brandishes a sword over the pure juvenile mind.

Furthermore, there had never been such a precedent that threats, violence and use of violent languages were committed against Chongryon institutions, Korean schools and young schoolchildren in succession and at the same time across Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries took an active part in the anti-DPRK war moves of the US and other hostile forces, but take issue with the DPRK like the thief crying “Stop thief!” and are hell-bent on an anti-Chongryon campaign. 

Their sinister intention is to create a favourable environment for realizing their ambition of overseas reinvasion by further inciting hostility to the DPRK throughout Japan.

Facts have clearly revealed once again the true colours of Japan as a ferocious, shameless and morally vulgar state which unhesitatingly tramples down not only elementary humanitarianism but also human ethics and morality in a bid to attain its criminal ambition.

Every sin brings its punishment with it.

The fascist outrage by the Japanese reactionaries can never be pardoned as they persecuted Chongryon representing the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK and Korean compatriots in Japan and their children and inflicted all sorts of damage upon them.

The Japanese reactionaries should be well aware of the Korean people’s towering will to settle accounts with Japan and should behave itself. 


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