Bangladesh demands US lift unjustifiable human rights sanctions

November 14, 2022

Now, the prime minister, foreign minister and other high-ranking figures of Bangladesh strongly demand again that the US immediately lift sanctions upon the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) of the Bangladeshi armed police, denouncing the application of sanctions as a wrong act that helps terrorists.

They also criticized the US, which is boisterously clamouring for human rights, for patronizing a criminal who fled to America after having murdered the first president of Bangladesh and his family members on August 15 1975 and for not turning the criminal over to Bangladesh.

As is already known, the US, since the end of last year, has been imposing sanctions upon high-ranking officials of the Bangladeshi armed police, saying that they are involved in the incidents where more than 600 anti-government figures were killed illegally and tens of them disappeared.

But most of the countries in the world do not share the view with the US which is taking issue with the human rights reality in Bangladesh. This has been proved by the result of the recent election for membership of the UN Human Rights Council where Bangladesh was elected as the member of the UNHRC, winning the support of 160 countries.

The sole purpose of the US imposing sanctions upon the Bangladeshi armed police, which was originally organized and trained by the US, is to tame this country by wielding the stick of sanctions.

The US is bearing malice against Bangladesh and heaping pressure on it in every way because this country is not aligning itself with the Indo-Pacific strategy, a link of the whole chain of the US strategy of world supremacy, and is maintaining independence in its external policy.

Recently, the US ambassador to Bangladesh made an impudent remark to the effect that democracy should be ensured in the general parliamentary election to be held soon in this country. This is indicative of the US attempt to interfere deeper into the internal affairs of Bangladesh.

The US has long been disqualified to talk about human rights and democracy of other countries because it is a decadent country where racial discrimination and expulsion are a common trend of society.

In the US, acts of racial discrimination are committed almost every day against Asian and African immigrants, much to the consternation of people. Even white policemen who are supposed to prevent such misdeeds, insult the passing Afro-Americans by calling them “human wastes”, shoot them down and dare to spit out such words like “the livestock population decreased”. But at issue here is that they are not taken to task for their crime.

Such is the true appearance of the US which poses itself as the “country safeguarding human rights” and as an “example of international human rights”.

The US is the most inhumane criminal society and the barren land of human rights where hatred and racism have reached the extreme. It had better remedy its own problems first rather than deceptively trumpeting “human rights protection”.


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